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Whether you're a small business or large enterprise, your legal team is likely buried in routine work, taking them away from high-value strategic work. Whereas the rest of your company is forging ahead with automation and efficiency, your legal department is typically under-funded and overloaded. More and more, law departments are seeking alternatives for the routine “keep-the-lights-on” business-critical, work overload, or highly strategic one-off projects.

It’s time for a major transformation. Here’s how Tangible can help.

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Concierge Programs

Tangible Concierge Programs include both Projects and Portfolios. We offer full legal and administrative support for engagements from business-as-usual to the highly complex, with skills aligned to requirements and budgets. We bring resources to accelerate critical enterprise systems, freeing up internal teams for business-critical work.

Tangible’s personalized dashboards provide cutting-edge management capabilities and our client satisfaction monitoring provides real-time insights into performance. No surprises, complete visibility. And, we take care of all the administrative work from intake, project tracking, reporting, and more. 

  • Tangible Concierge Projects – Strategic transactions, mission critical initiatives, and one-off projects
  • Tangible Concierge Portfolios – Routine recurring activities

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Tangible Catalysts

Replacing time with tech accelerates speed, reduces cost, and mitigates risk.

Moving at the speed of business is necessary in today’s highly competitive world. Tangible Catalysts are tools that can help automate your workflow. Our current Tangible Catalyst offerings are based on no-code workflows custom-built for you on the Autto Platform, providing you with a superb custom software development product at a far lower cost. Examples include:

  • Data Management
  • GDPR
  • NDA Agreements
  • Sourcing Agreements
  • Data Compliance
  • Corporate Set-Up
Tangible can also custom build a Catalyst to fit any need. Contact us now for a free demo or consultation.

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Tangible Talent


Right-sized talent for every need.

Life happens. Someone leaves. Your workload is increasing but you have no budget. Your desk is overflowing, and your team becomes a bottleneck to advancing business-critical work. You need a resource. 

Tangible can help.

Optimal talent to fit any need, ranging from onsite secondments to business advisory services to offsite team augmentation. Tangible streamlines the workflow, touch points, and turn times—saving you time and money while letting you breathe a little lighter. One-off projects, long-term staffing engagements, on-site or off-site, special skill requirements, and more. Legal talent to fit any need.

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Client Stories

Project: Mission Critical Initiative

Client: Fortune 500 Data Marketplace

Challenge: Design a new Pharma Benefits Platform integrating client's retail network and partner's technology platform in a never been done business model.

Solution: Designed a partnership structure implementing agreements responding to client's strategic objectives and fiscal year-end timeline.

Results: Closed transaction on an accelerated timeframe exceeding all expectations, 50% below the proposed budget, allowing the client to launch a new business model before fiscal year-end, meeting private equity owner milestone.

Client Stories

Project: Reduce Spend and Time to Close

Client: Fortune 50 Athletic Lifestyle Company

Challenge: Create a delivery model to move large portfolios of recurring transactions off the desks of internal lawyers, significantly reducing cost, and time to close, while maintaining quality.

Solution: Increased process efficiencies by implementing a taxonomy-driven delivery model that matched legal matters with appropriately experienced attorneys. Put in place SLAs and metrics to ensure quality, pricing and turn times were met.

Results: Reduced spend by 40-50%, matters assigned within one day dramatically reducing turn times by more than half and have so far met or exceeded all SLAs and performance metrics.

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"Wow! . . . Not only are you driving higher deal volumes and lower price year over year, but you’re also driving quality up. . . and achieving higher client satisfaction. Kudos. . .a heroic feat."


Sr. Legal Executive

Fortune 50 Company