Concierge Services 

The Tangible Platform

Designed as a 4-sided “ecosystem” that connects customer needs with proven talent, white glove concierge services, and curated tech Catalysts delivering a fully integrated service delivery platform.

The Tangible Platform was built to provide rewarding relationships for all constituencies.


Concierge Programs Tangible platform

Tangible Concierge Programs

Custom concierge white-glove service.

We offer full legal and administrative support for engagements from business-as-usual to the highly complex, with skills aligned to requirements and budgets. We bring resources to accelerate critical enterprise systems, freeing up internal teams for business-critical work.

Tangible’s personalized dashboards provide cutting-edge management capabilities and our client satisfaction monitoring provides real-time insights into performance. No surprises, complete visibility. And, we take care of all the administrative work from intake, project tracking, reporting, and more.

Tangible Concierge Projects - Strategic transactions or mission-critical initiatives. One-off, get-it-done projects with a start date and end date.
Tangible Concierge Portfolios - Routine recurring activities. From business as usual to the highly complex. Getting deals done, keeping the lights on.

Core Concierge Programs - Projects and Portfolios

  • Sourcing
  • HR
  • Real-Estate
  • Data Management and GDPR
  • IP Assets
  • Franchise
  • Compliance
  • Start-Up
  • M/A and Joint Ventures
  • Commercial Financing


  • Custom Design


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Tangible Talent

Tangible Talent

Right-sized talent for every need.

Life happens. Someone leaves. Your workload is increasing but you have no budget. Your desk is overflowing, and your team becomes a bottleneck to advancing business-critical work. You need a resource.

We can lighten your team’s load: whether a simple, repeatable task, a portfolio project, or a complex problem. Tangible Talent is equipped with time-tested protocols, workflows, and a delivery infrastructure to enable efficient and cost-effective delivery of high-quality legal services. Legal talent to fit any need:

  • Hire an Attorney – Secondments or special projects with specific skill requirements
  • Strategic Initiatives – One-off projects, such as GDPR, M/A, or special initiatives
  • Managed Services – Transactions as a service, ongoing portfolios of work support

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Tangible Catalysts

Tangible Catalysts

Replacing time with tech, accelerating speed, reducing cost, and mitigating risk.

Moving at the speed of business is necessary in today’s highly competitive world. Tangible Catalysts can help by replacing time with tech. Our current Tangible Catalyst offerings are based on custom, no-code workflows built on the Autto Platform and include the following and more:

  • Data Management
  • GDPR
  • NDA Agreements
  • Sourcing Agreements
  • Data Compliance
  • Corporate Set-Up

We can also custom build Catalysts to fit any need or guide you and let you take the lead. Contact us now for a free demo or consultation.

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