Client Stories

Project: Routine Recurring Activity

Client: Multinational Footwear and Apparel Corporation

Challenge: Overwhelming volume of procurement transactions with no structure causing delays, high costs, and siloed business functions resulting in frustrated internal clients.

Solution: Streamlined workflow, right-sized review protocols, provided cost effective resourcing, technology drivers, SLAs and fixed fee pricing.

Results: Drove down hourly blended rate by more than 40% while increasing turn times by over 200%.


Project: Mission Critical Initiative

Client: Fortune 500 Data Marketplace

Challenge: Design a new Pharma Benefits Platform integrating client's retail network and partner's technology platform in a never been done business model.

Solution: Designed a partnership structure implementing agreements responding to client's strategic objectives and fiscal year-end timeline.

Results: Closed transaction on an accelerated timeframe exceeding all expectations, 50% below the proposed budget, allowing the client to launch a new business model before fiscal year-end, meeting private equity owner milestone.


Project: Mission Critical Initiative

Client: Fortune 200 Supply Chain Company

Challenge: Build a digital marketplace with a family of vendors coordinating $15 billion in acquisitions over a four-year period in an accelerated timeframe.

Solution: Assembled a nimble team to implement transaction portfolio.

Results: Delivered transaction set in four weeks at a fee less than 25% of the fee initially proposed by incumbent counsel.


Project: Strategic Transaction – North America Warehouse Retrofit Program

Client: Fortune 50 Athletic Lifestyle Company

Challenge: Implement warehouse retrofit program (software, hardware, network, services) for North American distribution with board-level visibility.

Solution: Assembled a nimble team that was responsive, knew the industry, strategic initiative, and path to success.

Results: Delivered a global framework agreement with RFP process accelerating client's path to closure with vendor group.


Project: Mission Critical Initiative

Client: Fortune 500 Health Insurance Provider

Challenge: Design and develop a platform to support thousands of legacy transactions and high volume of new transactions.

Solution: Designed and developed taxonomy and transaction workflows into a platform, digitized thousands of legacy transactions, and implemented platform to support transaction management.

Results: Client moved on an accelerated pace to centralize procurement strategy, allowing for easy access to legacy transactions and management of ongoing transaction workflow with significant cost savings throughout the organization.


Project: Reduce Spend and Time to Close

Client: Fortune 50 Athletic Lifestyle Company

Challenge: Create a delivery model to move large portfolios of recurring transactions off the desks of internal lawyers, significantly reducing cost, and time to close, while maintaining quality.

Solution: Increased process efficiencies by implementing a taxonomy-driven delivery model that matched legal matters with appropriately experienced attorneys. Put in place SLAs and metrics to ensure quality, pricing and turn times were met.

Results: Reduced spend by 40-50%, matters assigned within one day dramatically reducing turn times by more than half and have so far met or exceeded all SLAs and performance metrics.