Tangible is different. We are not a staffing company. We are not a law firm. We are unique, modern, and compelling. We bring together talent, teams, and tech to provide a full suite of capabilities to our clients. We know what clients want and we are looking for team members who want to join us as we create the next best practice of law.

We are a team that doesn’t just connect you to work orders. You get support that aligns with YOUR needs, not ours. Whether you are a solo practitioner or a growing law firm we can help you maximize your revenues, reduce administrative overhead, and let you do what you do best: practice law.

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Tangible for individual attorneys

Lawyer Benefits

Tangible provides workflow and flexibility, allowing you to use your time to practice law by removing administrative hassles while putting more cash in your pocket. We make life easy for you and for our clients. Tangible’s Concierge Legal Platform handles intake, assignment, billing, payments, and more. Our internal staff of mentors, “Mentos,” are by your side ensuring your success. Our twice monthly “lessons learned” conversations ensure that we are listening to our clients, fine tuning to ensure that we continue to meet or exceed their expectations. With Tangible you get team camaraderie, mentorship, and training. Most of all, you get flexibility and appreciation for a job well done.

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Tangible for small law firms

For Small Law Firms

Tangible augments your business development efforts by providing a steady workflow to reduce down times and maximize your earning potential. And, we remove many of the administrative tasks that divert you from practicing law. You get more time where it matters: practicing law, driving cash flow, and freeing up more time to enjoy life. On the flip side, we can provide talent, teams, and tech resources when you have an overflow and need to augment your team in short order. For small law firms, we can help drive your success by managing the peaks and valleys common to most small law firms.

Tangible helps you do what you do best: practice law. Modern law. Life beyond just billable hours.

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Legal Professionals and Small Law Firms benefit from:

  • AlexWhat makes Tangible exciting for me is not only do I get to practice law with top tier clients, but I also get to develop my role as an operations leader helping to build and define best practices in a rapidly-evolving sector of the legal services industry. At Tangible, our approach is to combine the horsepower of a Fortune 500 with the sophistication of Big Law and the agility of a startup. With the emergence of our Tangible Platform, we will bring together talent, teams, and technology to create a superior client experience.



  • attorney-drewTangible is a non-conventional law firm that uses technology to improve speed, efficiency and visibility of legal transactions for both the clients and the attorneys. Tangible has been a leader in innovation in the practice of law, including using fixed fees and other alternative fee arrangements. Working for Tangible allows me the flexibility to work from home, or from my motorhome when traveling on work or business. I have enjoyed working with Tangible since 2014. Because I believe in the Tangible model of legal practice, I have successfully encouraged several former colleagues to join the team.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the interview process?

It’s easy. We are looking for like-minded team members. You submit Tangible’s onboarding form, we validate and qualify, and we can then onboard you in one to two days.

How many hours a month do I need to bill?

From zero to 100 hundred plus. It’s up to you, but once you take on a project, we want you to commit to the project. From a few hours per week to full-time. We can adjust workflow to fit your needs.

How do I bill, track hours and reconcile?

The Tangible Platform makes it easy to track hours or fixed fees and we give you complete visibility into matters in real-time. We bill, collect and then pay you, removing most of the administrative non-revenue generating activities.

Are there location requirements?

Anywhere there is internet. The world is your oyster.